PrimaryPlus is the newest lifestyle card of the Primary Group that earns you points for patronizing our services and gives you exclusive access to our premium deals and packages! The Loyalty program provides members points through different ways, which can be used to avail different lifestyle products ad services,starting with the newest Primary Group affiliate,Maayo Medical.

Be a loyal customer and use your lifestyle card everytime. Start earning Primary+ points and enjoy members nly privileges and discounts!

Earn points by patronizing our products and services. Partner Establishments

Members of Primary+ gets exclusive deals and discounts on ALL TYPES of services offered by Maayo Medical and the affiliates of the Primary Group.

Earn points by patronizing our products and services. Partner Establishments

Your comfort is our priority. We are making sure that we only make trusted partnership with affiliates that are reliable and well known in their field of expertise.Partner Establishments

For every P100 spent, you get 1.20 points and every point you earn is equavalent to P1 which can be used to redeem additional products and services. And guess what?

Points earned using your PrimaryPlus card are these to stay. When your membership expires, your unused points will remain under your name and will again be valid once your membership is renewed. Not enough points? No problem! You can top it with cash to avail the service or the product you want. Already a member? Check your points here!

Refer a friend to be a member of PrimaryPlus and get an outright referral bonus of P200 and enjoy getting a percentage of the points they gainonce they avail service of Maayo Medical and Primaryplus affiliated companies. Refer a friend now!


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